The reason why I went to the moon for my birthday
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The reason why: page 11

The reason why I went to the moon for my birthday, page 11

Last week I read an interview with new children’s book author Rob Biddulph. In speaking about his drawing process, he said:

It takes quite a bit of sketching to perfect a character, and it’s not until I can draw them in any position and from any angle that I’m ready to get them onto the computer.

That’s a really smart way of working. It would bore me to tears. I work in a really dumb way. I get one good drawing and then assume the next one will work out okay. Last week when I drew the rocket bike from the side, I had no idea how to draw it from an angle. One of my early attempts looked like this:

rocket bike sketch

It was only this morning that I finally figured out how to do it. I’m pretty pleased with the result.

It’s not perfect though. In addition to the usual clean up, this page will require some extra work in Photoshop. Somehow mum ended up with one weird fat leg. I’ll make it match the other one. Also, the plane is shoved too far up into the corner. I will lower in the sky to strengthen and unify the page composition.

I hope you figure out how to do the things you want to do this week.

8 September 2014
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