Like a fish

on the beach,

Jeff Gill sees the water.

In the water, the flat water, the blue green white water, the wild wind-whipped water, Jeff Gill sees stories. He sees shapes and currents. He feels the spray. And he asks, ‘Why?’ And ‘How?’ And ‘What if…?’ He takes answers and questions and makes one thing, and another, and then, with a practiced hand and childlike delight, he makes three together. He sees the water. He knows what it is. He knows it holds the poo of a billion whales and the cast-off plastic of human insanity. He knows. And he dives in like a fish from the beach. He dives in with the enthusiasm of a young, uncynical octopus on its first trip abroad.

Like a storytelling scientist juggler fish standing on the beach with a MacBook in one fin and a pencil in the other, gazing with wise eyes and joyous lungs at an ocean of branding and communication, Jeff Gill sees the water and says, ‘Let’s get in the fucking sea and make something awesome today!’

Jeff Gill, Senior Creative

Design ⸻ Illustration ⸻ Writing

I have worked with Halen Môn, LivaNova, Gilead Sciences, Shell, Zip World, RX (Reed Exhibitions), Kruger and other organisations you haven’t heard of. See the work here

It's a PDF that tells you how great I am and how good I am at teamwork and leadership and other words that belong in CVs. It has dates and personal interests too.

TREE – Jeff’s Monday to Thursday email for misfits, eclectics and creatives.

FIELD GUIDE – Imagine Humans of New York and had a tiny, curious baby. Follow your curiosity; expand your empathy. Published every Friday.

FFOREST FFRENZY – It’s art. It’s a story. It’s an NFT collection.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Jeff and his beautiful, exacting, and meticulous designs have moved us from a tiny Welsh company to a niche global one.

What do we especially like about him?

He’s 100% reliable, he does what he says he will do when he says he will do it. He’s imaginative and sparky. He will say if he can’t do something. He sticks to his guns if he thinks he’s right. He’s bordering on obsessive. He’s funny, professional and a delight to work with. He looks at everything holistically and doesn’t deviate from the brand’s ethos or tone of voice. He doesn’t bullshit. He is always polite and asks us very nicely if we need to do something. His work is nurtured by his extensive research, experience and networking. He’s totally reliable and a joy to work with – oh, I seem to have said that before. Sorry.

Alison Lea-Wilson
Co-Founder and Director,
Halen Môn